Linking the Impossible

Linking the Impossible

          Humans are designed uniquely different. As we transition through infancy, childhood, teenagers, and adulthood; we alter our preferences. tumblr_mmrf2bZHpR1sqkj3wo1_500The concept of ghost is believable to others and idiotic to some. A mystical presence is an unconscious messenger in my eighteen year old eyes, guiding the hopeless lost to the truth within themselves or shining the obvious in their viewpoint. These invisible creatures are perceived as a threat in the continuing of my life, warning or foreshadowing me of a possible unknown future. The realists in our humongous world analyze ghost as nonexistent due to unforeseen proof of statistics and factual data. The believers are lunatic to the scholars demanding the exact and concrete results.

Fashion in limitless. A style is ever-changing through the perceptive of the human defining fashion. The clothes I present to the world will be question through the eyes of the strangers I encounter as the day processes. People are built to ponder every little detail of a person’s choice, wardrobe, action, and their motion. I am genuinely a human; function to voice my opinion, whether welcome or ignored. Throughout a day, my eyes travel and explore the concept of tumblr_mnfgvfRllG1sqxtwmo1_1280fashion. The thought process of a teenager’s style interests my mind immensely since there are such a variety of clothes in such a tight community. My wardrobe is uncommonly active at my current living resident yet it is dangerous popular throughout California. Eye contact plays a grand part in identifying the people question your taste on a fashionable level. I contemplate if the human presence I am evaluating is truly content or confuse of the definition of fashion. I recognize the gaze of the simple-minded judging my clothing since the stare is so inhumanly noticeable. The gawking is translated into attention, whether positive or negative, my attendance is known to the gawker. Confident is the key to being in control of oneself, simply allow undesirable opinions to be known yet remain the master of you own domain.

The link between fashion and ghost is unknown. People’s opinions are false, mere free-flowing words escaping the mouth. Many purely excuse the idea of fashion while others bear-hug the concept of fashion with open arms. Evidences of ghost appear on television, visual proof of an existence tumblr_lxk2xtM1WA1qa3dk9o1_500of a fearsome force among our world, yet the non-believers will remain stubborn to their denial of a possibility of ghost living within Earth. Opinions are difficult to alter, once establish as a complete sentence in this visible world, the switch slowly dissolve. The opinions of most are thrown around consistently from dawn to sunset; the best possible solution is the gift of acceptance. The notion of acknowledging the opinion is satisfaction to the owner spewing those random meaningless words. I recognize a possible existence of another invisible force among Earth, while fashion is the way of life in my eyes. I am aware of many opposing my opinions on the ideas of ghost or fashion, but it doesn’t falter my own opinions. We are human, we desire our voice to shine.


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