FENCING the mind

Art is how you express yourself and your personality. You can tell a lot about a person from the art that they like or express. Fencing is a form of art and you can figure out a person’s personality from the way they fence and which weapon they fence with.

Fencers who fence with sabres usually have an aggressive personality and are usually impatient.Image

Fencers who fence with epees are the complete opposite and are very patient and passive personality.Image

Foilists, fencers who fence with foils, are a mixture of both passive and aggressive. It is easier to figure out a person’s personality when they fence foil. Foil doesn’t have a distinct style so the style that a fencer fences with reflects their personality.Image

When I fence foil, I have a very playful style in the beginning, but I can adapt to other people’s styles and choose a style that works best against my opponent. I have a very relaxed personality but I can adapt to different situations pretty easily which shows in my fencing.

Although it isn’t really considered art, the Rorschach test is something that helps psychologists figure out a person’s personality. Instead of the artist portraying their personality, the audience uses their personality and mindset to think about what the drawing represents. I consider this as a type of art where the person isn’t making the art but interpreting the art into whatever the person perceives it to be.Image

I think many pieces of art are the same where it doesn’t really matter what the artists was trying to show. All that matters is how the audience perceives the art to be. Abstract art is all about just expressing yourself and what you feel at the moment you make that art is shown through what you make and how it looks. Other people can look at that piece of art and they will see a part of the artist’s mind. Anything can become art as long as you think it is, but how you picture that piece of art is mostly based on your personality and how you think.Image


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