the tightest bond….

The Good Earth is a novel about a Chinese farmer’s life with Earth, as his companion in life. Wang Lung, the main character, finds the importance of earth. In this novel, Wang Lung marries a slave girl in the Great House of Hwang. At first, Wang Lung doesn’t like her because she isn’t the prettiest lady on earth. However, it turns out that she is really talented women, and the house prospers. Wang Lung’s faithful wife, O-lan, works at the field even though the season of pregnancy, and also she makes everything, and fixes everything that a man cannot do.

When many people think of women, people would simply think of a person who cooks in the kitchen, be a secretary in a office, or other jobs that doesn’t require a lot of physical energy. As if this is being proven, in our history, we don’t see many well-known female artists. However, there are some great women who are really talented and good artist, and also, who are really great assistants. Many of great Male artists existed due to great influences of female artists. M. Cassatt and G. O’Keeffe are two great female artists that can be correlated to O-Lan’s life and her journey in her life.

Mary Cassatt

Mary Stevenson Cassatt (May 1844 – June 1926), an American lady, lived most of her life at France, studying and drawing art. This lady is famous for drawing lives of women. Although she was lady, she was acknowledged by Gustave Geffroy, really famous French journalist, and was described as one of ‘Les Trois Grandes Dames’ – The Three Great Ladies. Despite her family opposed her from becoming artist, at age of 15, she began studying at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Also, even though she was a lady, she set off herself to France, and got herself a private tutor (women weren’t allowed in colleges at this time period) We can relate her to O-lan because she didn’t stay at homeland (where she can get all the comforts), but she decided to go out to the outer-world and face challenges. O-lan, when she was pregnant, she could have stayed home and stay comfortably, but she decided to challenge herself and go out to the field and help her husband out.

Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe (November 1887 – March 1986), an American artist, was born in Wisconsin. Although she was born in Wisconsin, she had to travel many different places for her living. She moved to New York when she got an invitation from Alfred Stieglitz for his photo exhibition. She married Stieglitz, then moved to New Mexico, where Stieglitz’s family lived. She also had been invited from Hawaii to draw a pineapple for a pineapple company, which is odd request that she accepted, but her art life was stalling, so she probably had no choice. Perhaps the highlight of her was a life at New Mexico. With helps from her friends, O’Keeffe was able to travel distances from N.M. and start an actual life of artist. 1920 – 1930 was the time period when she had greatest fame in her life, she was so busy, that she couldn’t finish her work in time. O’Keeffe traveled many different parts of America to pursuit her desire to become an artist, and live prosperous life. O-lan and her family also had to move down to the south to find food and new opportunities for her family to live.

Summer Days



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